Janteloven* /2016

*The law of Jante

In 1933 Aksel Sandemose wrote 'A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks' that contains the Law of Jante. The ten rules that portrays the fictional small Danish town of Jante. These rules are still impacting the Scandinavian society as we know it today. 

Selected to the UFA Youth Short Film Festival in May 2020.

Co-produced with Mauro Colarieti.
Sound Design by Andrea Klæboe.

Denying Time /2017

An art film recreating the darkness that lays upon the Scandinavian countries, or known as; The Scandinavian Pain.

Following the character that represent the Scandinavian stereotype, you are presented with a Norwegian nursery rhyme. The echo of the rhyme is following the character presence through time, a time that is stuck in the past. 

Presented at the IoP Gallery in 2018.

Sound Design by Andrea Klæboe.

Like A Ghost I Leave You /2018

Heavily influenced by Lars Von Trier, this film is a continuation on "Denying Time". The title comes from a poem by Edvard Munch and his troubled love life. 

Taking on the movement of the Ash Tree is allowing the character to find their soul tree, a tree that is physically connected to them. The condition, the madness and the health of the character is combined in the end. 

Sound Design by Andrea Klæboe.

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