Silje Løvstad was born and raised in a small Norwegian town, sequestered by a forest range. Local folklore and Scandinavian sensibilities have shaped the way she perceives the world around her. Her artwork is energetic and immediate, characterised by a childlike intuitive approach. Working with photography, sound and video, Løvstad’s practice appears unapologetically unrefined. Choosing to work solely with a Polaroid camera, Løvstad aims to capture the rawness of photography and eliminate all the complexity of modern technology.

Løvstad is based in London and Oslo and works internationally.

2020 - Now Work-Show-Grow School
2016 - 2019 Falmouth University, BA (Hons) Photography

2019  Late at Tate, Tate Liverpool / Liverpool, UK
2019  Free Range, The Old Truman Brewery / London, UK
2019  Graduation Show, IoP / Falmouth, Uk
2019  Light for Life, A Curious Hall / Falmouth, UK
2019  Into the Mind of the Individual, IoP / Falmouth, UK
2019  Marlborough Road, Private House / Falmouth, UK
2019  VERVE, IoP / Falmouth, UK
2018  TRACE, IoP / Falmouth, UK
2018  FREE, IoP / Falmouth, UK 
2018  Para, The Poly / Falmouth, UK
2018  Praxis, IoP / Falmouth, UK
2018  The Thrown Gauntlet Festival / Falmouth, UK
2017  The beginning, IoP / Falmouth, UK

2020  Athena Stockwell / Intern
2020  Dennis Severs House / Museum Staff
2019  Jamie Hawkesworth / Intern
2018  Dinu Li / Assistant
2018  IMT Gallery / Marketing and Communication Intern
2018  Jonas Bendiksen / Assistant
2017  Tate Collective / Volunteer

2019  EIZO Student Award, Shortlisted



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